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Growing Pains


By Britt Monet

We have all seen ourselves grow physically. From an infant, toddler, kid, teenager, young adult to an adult. You saw your growth through pictures or by memory. But, there were some growing pains in that physical process.
Have you ever experienced pregnancy? If you have, you know there were growing and stretching pains through the entire process. Sometimes it was uncomfortable pain.
So, has God ever put you in a position where he stretched you and forced you to grow? If he has, you know growing pains was apart of the process. And if you haven’t yet, it’s coming!

Let me share something with you....
I am in the beginning season of my stretching and growing pains. In order for me to get to this part of my journey, God took me to an uncomfortable place in my life. Where he exposed my pain to reveal to me exactly who I had become. One of the difficult parts of growing is the “unlearning“ who you’ve been, because it was comfortable. And when God is calling you to grow it’s into something you’are not 100% sure of. I was praying and asking God to help me grow but fighting it at the same time. God allowed those things that I suppressed and overlooked to come back in rare form to show me exactly where I needed to start. This part of the process was internal. Not all growing pains are visible. One of the best and uncomfortable part of this is reflecting what he brought back for me to come to terms with is how I played a part in whatever it is that I was unsatisfied with. It was not always anyone’s fault even with nothing that I had done or may have said, but understanding it was something I allowed, all of it in which I had control over. When he is growing you internal your focus is different. You become protective of your process.
Understand, that those growing pains and the stretching is temporary pain. If God put you in a position to force you to grow it’s because it’s time. The exposer is necessary. The emptier you are the more God can fill you. In order for him to fill you allow him to empty you.
Trust the Growing Pains.
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