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10 Decor Stores That Save You Money

By Jessica Of Surprise Designs

By Jessica Of Surprise Designs
Hi all! My name is Jessica, a native and resident of Indianapolis, IN, and a self-taught interior decorator. This is my first ever blog post and I’m so excited and delighted that you’re reading this right now! Today's blog will include my top 10 favorite and affordable stores to shop locally.
I get asked the question, “So where do you like to shop the most for your projects,” A LOT! So, continue to scroll on down and I’ll share my top 10 favorite stores and why they made the cut.
10. GOODWILL- Whenever you have the word affordable in the title, of course, you must mention the most popular thrift store, Goodwill. I scored this Africa coffee table book pictured below for just $19.99 off
9. TUESDAY MORNING- This hidden gem is a store that a lot of people don’t even know what they carry inside of it! They have so many discounted items from accent chairs and tables to candles and throw pillows and much more.

8. SHOPPERS WORLD- I would rate Shoppers World décor at a C+ at best; however, they carry a lot of your décor essentials at very low prices, such as curtain tie backs (my fav pickup from here pictured below), towels, linens, and much more.
7. ROSS- This store reminds me a bit of Burlington (my #5 pick). It has a decent size selection with cheap prices!
6. AMAZON- We all know Amazon isn’t local, but that’s what it feels like right?! And if you’re a prime member it may even feel like Amazon is just in your backyard. Ok, so I broke the rules by naming this as a “local store” but that’s what designers and decorators do, right? Break rules.
5. BURLINGTON- A lot of people don’t think about Burlington’s home section but let me the first to tell you… it’s totally worth the trip! They don’t have the biggest selection, but they have some of the CHEAPEST decor prices I’ve ever seen.
4. TARGET- I mean who doesn’t love Target, right?! This #4 speaks for itself with their stand out brands like Nate Berkus and the new beautiful Opalhouse line!
3. HOBBY LOBBY- When one thinks of Hobby Lobby, a lot of times crafts and paint comes to mind, but omg… this store has so much more! And with their 50% off selected prices AND a 40% off one regularly priced item coupon you’re bound to find your favorite accent piece on sale!
2. HOME GOODS/TJ MAX/MARSHALLS- I mean why wouldn’t these stores make anyone’s list?! Quality, brand name accents for reduced prices! These babies would rank #1 if it wasn’t for #1’s extremely large selection
1. AT HOME- This once Home-Depot (yea imagine how big that is) turned into a decorating superstore can literally be your one-stop shop for all your décor and home styling needs. I can usually get the majority of my home accessories from here- even though that would be a no-no because a variety is a must for a well-decorated room.
Styling your home doesn’t have to break the bank. Cheers to affordable and stylish home decor!
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